Improve your London or Essex offices’ ergonomics and style with our range of functional and feature-packed new & used office chairs. With us, you can find the perfect seating solutions for your team – ensuring that they remain comfortable and productive all day long. Also, be sure to check out our home office chairs too to make remote working a breeze.

Office Chair Features

Our collection of chairs offers a vast range of features, designed to make both office and home working more comfortable. Our range includes fixed chairs, swivel chairs, reception chairs, draughtsman chairs and chairs for specialist applications.

Features and options include:

  • Upholstery and fabric options to complement your brand theme
  • Adjustable armrests for support and comfortable typing
  • Adjustable backs for differences in user height and preferred sitting position
  • Additional lumbar support for the lower spine
  • Tilt and swivel mechanisms for stretching and relaxation
  • Elevation-adjustment options to accommodate differences in leg length and desk height

We give you the best of both worlds. Not only can you get office chairs that offer tremendous functionality, but you also get options that suit your brand image and personal style.

Finding The Best Office Chairs

With the average worker spending more than forty hours per week sitting in their chairs, office seating is something that your business needs to get right. Choose the wrong solutions and productivity could fall and absenteeism rise.

Posture issues can cause significant pain and cause people to take time off work. Chair-related ergonomic problems constitute a significant issue but are also avoidable.

Workers need chairs that support both their backs and arms and take the pressure off critical joints. Seating solutions should allow them to flex throughout the day instead of fixing them in the same position.

Encore’s collection of office chairs in London & Essex offer both home and office workers the ability to adjust their seating position and calibrate chairs to provide maximum comfort.

Height-adjustment features, for instance, allow workers to sit so that their feet are flat on the floor and their knees perfectly in line with their hips. We also supply seating options that naturally encourage team members to sit up straight and keep their backs pushed into the chair.

Many of our lines position the back at a 100 to 110-degree angle – not ninety – to provide optimal support for the spine. Some options also come with small adjustable cushions that allow the user to tailor their seating position.

Models with armrests allow you and your colleagues to relax the shoulder muscles and prevent them from rounding out during the day.

Where Can I Find Office Chairs Near Me?

If you’re looking for commercial or home office chairs in London or Essex, you’re in the right place. Please browse our selection today or get in touch with us directly for answers to all your questions.


Office Chair Assembly

While some office chairs arrive complete, others require assembly. Our collection includes a range of free-standing and storable chairs, with most requiring minimal setup, if any.

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