Give your London or Essex office a fresh look with Encore’s range of stunning office desks and accessories. You’ll find both economical and premium furniture in our collection to complement your brand, combining aesthetics with practicality. Our lines come in a range of sizes and models that optimise your usage of space and help your team to work at their best.

Find Great Office Desks

When it comes to office desk requirements, every business is different. Fortunately, our lines lend themselves to virtually every kind of work, allowing you to find a setup that suits your enterprise.

For instance, we offer a range of cluster desks that are ideal for co-working spaces where your team can share their ideas and work collaboratively on projects.

You’ll also find ergonomic desks in our collection. With height adjustment, team members can transition between sitting and standing throughout the day, assisting both comfort, posture and wellbeing

Desks in our inventory are also ideally suited for companies operating fixed desktop computing models or BYOD policies. Electrical wiring ports and outlets help with cable management and assist engineers when setting up new layout configurations.

Ultimately, our office desks in London & Essex improve productivity and enhance staff morale.

Options Built Around Your Office

Sizing Options

Modern desks are available in a range of sizes. When choosing the perfect desk, you’ll want to take into account the available area, whether the desk will stand atop a mat, and if it can fit in spaces next to windows to access natural daylight.

For some companies, bench desks are the best option. These are ideally suited to call centres or office units with limited space. For others, it is discrete desks, individually arranged. Furthermore, some workspaces will benefit from our easily disassembled and rearrangeable options for flexible space usage. Most offices use a hybrid of both communal desks and individual private working spaces.

Our desks also come with an extensive range of storage options, depending on the type of work your team does. For some businesses, storage trays and under-desk drawers are helpful additions.

Leg Options

Finally, our desks come in a range of leg options, allowing you to manage your cables better and provide your team with more leg space.

Leg cable management is one of the best ways to keep your workspace looking neat, tidy and clutter-free. With high capacity, you can minimise cable visuals for phones, laptops, computers, scanners and printers, maintaining the professional appearance of your Essex office.

Are you looking for the perfect desk for your office? Check out our chic white desks, helpful bench desks, and multiple leg and storage options. Order now or visit us at our warehouse showroom in Essex to see our range for yourself.

Modesty Panel Options

Our modesty panels provide team members with privacy, shielding legs and feet from view. They’re also helpful for covering non-work related items, like bags, that workers may wish to store by their feet. Encore offers a range of styles and options to complement your existing office theme and brand.