Declutter your workspace and get on top of your filing with office storage furniture from Encore. Our collection includes a range of office filing solutions that cater to the needs of your business – letting you make the most of your space.

Find affordable, robust, lockable and practical units for less with us.

Find The Perfect Office Cabinets

When you get office storage right, you can work more effectively, find documents more efficiently, and stay compliant with data and record-keeping regulations. That’s why Encore offers a host of different storage solutions, each designed for specific office setups.

Our collection of filing cabinets are ideal for businesses requiring secure lock-up for their files with a minimal footprint. Units come in two, three, and four drawer versions, all offering suspension file storage and a secure lock to prevent unauthorised access.

Encore also supplies side filers that are double the width of traditional upright filing cabinets, providing substantial storage capacity in a minimalist form factor.

Our units feature matching back panels for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance from behind, adjustable filing rails to suspend a range of document sizes, and robust drawer bases for general storage.

Our selection of pedestal units is ideal for offices requiring storage that fits neatly under desks. These cabinets are low-profile enough to fit in tight spaces but also sufficiently deep to house a large number of files, folders, and other office stationery.

For businesses requiring space to keep books, our six-foot bookcases provide plenty of room. Tambour cabinets with efficient sliding doors are also available and come in a wide variety of heights and storage capacities.

Internal adjustable metal shelving allows you to archive your files and stationery in the most space-efficient way possible.

Large Stock of Office Storage Items 

Most office storage drawers suppliers keep very little stock on site. When you place an order, they contact their suppliers.

Encore, however, operates a large warehouse that caters for both the buyer looking for one-off storage units, as well as large enterprises seeking dozens. We make it quick, easy and affordable to get the office storage that you need so that you can organise your office faster, without long turnaround times.

Affordable Units

Office storage needs to be both practical and affordable. For that reason, Encore has a high-quality variety of new and used cabinets, drawers and other products to ensure that you get the best deal with every purchase.

Our agents meticulously source storage furniture from the Essex area and beyond, passing savings onto you.

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    High-Quality Cabinets

    Essex office storage should be robust. Units in our collection feature full metal construction, durable locking mechanisms and flexible internal arrangement options that make them easy to repurpose.

    Before shipping, our team checks every item to ensure that it meets the high standards you expect.


    Where Can I Find Office Storage Near Me?

    Order with Encore today: visit our warehouse showroom or call us to find out more about the office storage products we have in stock.

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