If you’re looking for high quality, affordable reception, and waiting room furniture in Essex, you’ve come to the right place.

Encore’s enormous stock of new and second-hand office furniture lets you craft the perfect seating areas for your customers, clients, and colleagues, boosting your brand.

Extraordinary Reception Room Furniture

Encore is a leading outlet for new and second-hand reception room furniture, designed to showcase your business at its best, all for an affordable price.

Thanks to our bespoke warehouse, we’re able to keep a tremendous quantity of furniture in our inventory at any given time, providing you with ample choice and quick turnarounds.

Whether you need a couple of items for a small reception or dozens of pieces of furniture for a large waiting room, we can help. With us, you can save a considerable amount of money while also giving your reception areas a carefully curated aesthetic.

Reception Seating

Reception seating has a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides visitors with comfortable, non-adjustable chairs they can use for short periods as they wait for service. And second, it is an opportunity for your business to set the mood and establish its brand.

Companies looking to project an image of professionalism might choose leather and steel seating for waiting rooms to create a neat, minimalist aesthetic.

Funky companies, such as digital marketing agencies or graphics design outfits, might choose armchair-style seating in bright colours to reflect their themes.

Whatever your preferences, Encore provides you with dozens of options for waiting areas of practically any size.

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    Get Reception and Waiting Room Furniture Today

    Encore makes getting the reception and waiting room furniture you need for your business easy. With us, you can find attractive and functional items that complement your enterprise’s priorities and brand.

    Browse our range of furniture today, or please get in touch if you have any questions.

    Wide Range of Furniture Options for Brands

    When it comes to reception furniture, every company has different needs. Some brands want loud, bold furniture that makes a statement about their enterprise and policies. Others require functional spaces that just get the job done.

    We cater to all types of organisations and provide a broad range of furniture options, no matter what your style.

    Choose from a variety of chair designs, colours and materials to complement your existing themes. Either fill out your large waiting room in style, or get sublime seating options for waiting rooms with limited space, including stackable chairs.

    Our reception desks come in multiple sizes and options for reception staff. With both bespoke, freestanding and modular desks, you can find options for practically any waiting room, all at an affordable price.